BAIS Creative Robot

All industries around the world are committed to the development of a variety of robots, the robots have become the trend in daily life, through the invention and creation of various robots, can predict the future of life around the world will be completely changed.

Taiwan is world-famous in scientific and technological development, has become the world’s main scientific and technological production base, the 21st century scientific and technological innovation, sustainable management is to determine the national competitiveness and sustainable development of the strength, the combination of basic science and technology education and creative robot design courses put into practice will be able to induce students innovation, research and development motivation, training excellent science and technology people.

With the education philosophy of cultivating children’s logical thinking ability, BAIS Education is committed to transforming the principles of robotics knowledge into students learning guided, and to cultivate children to become the seeds of science and technology research and development with creativity, independence and problem-solving ability through new knowledge of science and technology.

Teaching Materials and Facilities

  • Robotics Design Kit: Use the Robokit Robot Design Kit design platform to take a course in science and technology innovation.
  • Technology Robot Design Guide: Key summary records, lively illustrations help to understand, learners indispensable for personal workbook.
  • Logic program software: Vivid user interfaces simplify complex programs. Use the concept of flowchart to design programs, from shallow deep to really understand the design principles and application.

Course planning

From young children to the international-event courses, each stage of the course is carefully developed, technology robot creation courses are suitable for children’s school-age.
The curriculum integrates life science and technology, electronics, motors, software editing, is a multi-integrated application, rich and interesting courses to let children inspire the ability to apply, and from the sense of achievement and self-confidence.

Early Childhood Courses

ROBO KIDS, use the computers and sensors learning to stimulate children’s curiosity about machines, thereby stimulating their brainpower to build positive learning.

Primary courses

To guide students to understand the basic concepts and knowledge of robot prototyping, and to understand the principles of motors, electrons, mechanical construction, and sensors in the process of assembling robots in person.

Intermediate Course

Cultivate students’ imagination of science, technology and the function of the use of technology components, deepen the ability of program-controlled compilation, and create their own desired multi-intelligent robot.

Advanced Course

Extend the students’ concept of programming logic, understand the changes of various advanced components, devote themselves to improving the dexterity and delicateness of robot movements, and motivate the research and development to create multi-function integrated high-end robots.

Advanced II Course

Planning and training students in a limited time, the use of various components to create robots to develop efficiency concepts, in order to train students’ ability to resist stress and logical thinking integration.

International competition training course

Designed to train talented students to participate in the International Robotics Olympiad, the competition is designed to challenge robots to guide the invention, the creation of high-speed practical robots and then test students’ innovative design and integration ability.